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Our services


A variety of services

With over 20,000 matatus around Kenya, there is a wide range of public service vehicles to meet your need.

Our aim is simple - to provide you with the right matatu at the right price, at the right time, giving you the best service in the industry, so
that you enjoy your matatu ride wherever you choose to go whether its a road trip, school trip, cooperate function, funeral, club hopping and so on.

To find out more about our exclusive matatu hiring services, contact us and let us take the stress out of acquiring a matatu for your daily rental

Photography & Video Editing

Showcase your matatu by booking a photo shoot with us for professsional
photography sessions with our friendly crew as we capture the moments and
memories that will be shared with our social media networks and the world.
Also get your matatu featured on our YouTube Channel with over 2,000
subscribers and over 500,000 views in HD videography both day and night.We
also cover matatu street debuts including matatu events and matatu models.
Call us today to book your matatu photo-shoot.

Digital Advertising

We market your products and services on our various online platforms which
include and are not limited to, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and
our website. We have a wide reach and a large number of followers who are
both buyers and sellers so whether you’re looking to bring in new website
visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers
coming back for more, Matwana has the best platform to market your business

Custom Matatu Merchandise

We create custom made Matatu merchandise to for individual matatu owners,
saccos, fabricators, matatu designers and all other key players in the
matatu industry ranging from jumpers, snap backs, base bal hats, tshirts,
polo shirts,calendars, pens and other promotional items.

Matwana Party Kruza

Partying in the city is fun but has a lot of short-comings. Matwana Party Kruza is a service we provide for Kenyans who like to party all night. This is a sure way of avoiding the dangers that come with partying such tragic accidents caused due to drunk-driving or being stranded without means of heading back home. We are here to relieve you from these problems.
To make this happen, you need to be a minimum of 10 revellers who would wish to be chauffeured to your club(s) of choice within Nairobi in the latest and the hottest matatu with quality sound systems to ensure the party doesn't stop.